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Migun Therapy Table

Migun Table

Using science based on the natural whole body integrative healing methods of massage, acupressure, chiropractic and far infra-red heat, Migun has developed a safe, effective, non-addicting pain and stress management therapy treatment for home, office and clinical use.  

Chiropractic Inspired
Your spine is your lifeline filled with nerves essential to the proper functioning of your body.  Daily use of the Migun Therapy Table helps to encourage better spinal alignment and space between vertebrae. 

Eases chronic pain, helps to increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation, speeds up recovery from injuries, relaxes muscles and helps to reduce stress hormones. 

Far Infra-red Heat Therapy
Deep heat helps reduce muscle spasms and provides deep muscle relaxation.  It reduces inflammation and swelling.  Boosts performance of cells and tissues.  Helps to remove toxins. 

Acupressure Inspired
Targeted treatment along the autonomic nerve lines helps to stimulate and balance the body's natural functions, and helps nerve and energy pathways, clearing congestion caused by injuries, stress and toxins. 

Pain Relief For:
Back Pain
Chronic Pain
Aches and Pains

Use Migun at least 3 to 4 times a week for best results. 
Each Migun session helps you alleviate pain, relax muscles, encourage better posture, reduce stress and anxiety,
and increase circulation. 

Migun Therapy Pads

Migun Pad

Far-Infrared Benefits

Effective pain relief
Migun deep heat therapy from far-infrared provides muscle relaxation and solid effective pain relief for chronic pain, back pain, arthritis, and other chronic problems. 

Faster healing
By increasing circulation and improving blood flow, Migun mats help speed healing.  Our deep heat therapy helps to relax muscles and bring vital nutrients to wounded, injured and inflamed areas. 

Better sleep
Far-infrared helps to regulate melatonin and serotonin, your sleep and mood regulators.  This will enhance your sleep, improve your mood and help you wake up feeling refreshed and vibrant.  

Boosts the immune system
Studies have shown that far-infrared helps to stimulate white blood cells which are essential for good health and protection against illness and disease. 

Blocks Harmful EMF
Built-in non-magnetic field heat coil plates help to prevent the production of EMF.  Special minerals are used in the patented ceramic tile that are known to block harmful EMF. 

How does it work?

Far-infrared is a noninvasive therapy that heats the body from within which helps to expand veins and arteries increasing circulation and blood flow, similar to the way your body works when you exercise.  It helps muscles to relax, alleviates pain, boosts the immune system and improves metabolism so your cells can function more efficiently to help the body's own natural repair mechanisms. 

Negative ions help to promote cellular activities, which can boost the immune system and help your blood, cells, lymph nodes and nervous system to function more efficiently.  Negative ions are found in nature near moving water and during a rainstorm.  The negative ions that we breathe in react with hemoglobin to get mixed in the blood and carried to various parts of the body to facilitate metabolism.  Metabolism is the process of acquiring nutrients from the blood and excreting waste out of the body and is extremely important to human cells. 


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