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About Binder Chiropractic, Voted Statesville's

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At Binder Chiropractic, we take care of our customers. It’s no fun walking around in pain, whether it’s from an auto accident, work-related injury or something else. Having a resource that understands those needs makes the difference.

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Meet Our Chiropractor

Our founder, Dr. Steven Binder has been serving the residents of Statesville, North Carolina and the surrounding communities since 1981, providing chiropractic care and wellness counseling to promote whole body rehabilitation. He holds certifications in impairment ratings, as well as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome diagnosis and upper extremity adjusting.

Our support team at Binder Chiropractic is knowledgeable and experienced, ready to make your experience as comfortable as possible. From the evaluation to completion of treatment, every patient is carefully monitored and evaluated based on their progress.

Services Provided

We offer a comprehensive suite of services that address pain relief and improved function. These services include spinal adjustments, spinal decompression, laser therapy, many other types of physiotherapy and nutritional counseling. Every treatment regimen is customized to create the best outcomes.

How We Can Help

Following an in-depth consultation and physical examination to locate the areas of pain and determine its cause. A series of x-rays may be ordered to fully understand what the present condition of your spine. The doctor will share those results and recommend the appropriate treatment plan that is designed to correct any nerve interference, relieve your pain, as well as, restore flexibility and motion. The goal is to help the healing process begin with minimal discomfort and pain in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Let us help you get through the pain with safe and effective techniques that restore your quality of life.

Don’t Live In Pain. Call Our Statesville Chiropractor For Relief Today

For more information about Binder Chiropractic and the  wellness services we provide in Statesville, North Carolina and the surrounding communities, contact us at (704) 873-2831 to schedule a time for your personal consultation today!


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