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Weight Loss Program


There are literally hundreds of weight loss programs available on the market today. After extensive research and testing, Binder Chiropractic has chosen to join Chris Powell – Star of ABC’s – Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition in exclusively endorsing THE VEMMA Bod-e TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM. This program is a first-of-its kind, totally new healthy weight loss solution that combines results-oriented products with a sustainable eating plan, as well as the powerful concept of carb cycling to help you shed those hard-to-lose pounds and transform your body. When used in conjunction with the VEMMA Bod-e products, the Bod-e Transformation Plan helps reprogram how your body uses food and helps you achieve your weight management goals. Let us know when you are ready to change your body and change your life!!!!


Binder Chiropractic Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge 2012 winner, Jeanne Miller.