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Laser Therapy

iM_BinderChiropractic_6-21_3201Our state-of-the-art Low Level Laser technology is an advanced and highly effective non-invasive treatment method that is cleared by the FDA. Laser technology is a natural and drug-free solution to pain. It also has proven success rates similar to the traditional treatment methods and without the risk, complications and lengthy recovery time.

How does Low Level Laser Therapy work?

Low Level Laser technology incorporates super pulsed laser, red and infrared light, and magnetic field to provide temporary pain relief, enhance blood circulation and accelerates recovery. Laser therapy uses these three clinically proven wavelengths, creating a cascading effect where energy is absorbed from superficial tissue down to 3-5 inches below the skin’s surface.

Low Level Laser Therapy temporarily relieves pain caused by;

Achilles Ankle & Foot Pain Arthritis Joint Pain Plantar Fasciitis
Sports Injuries Sprains Tendonitis and much more…

Most our patients notice results early in the treatment; however, it takes a few procedures to get results that can be maintained for a long time.

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