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Headache and Neck Pain Testimonials

Teresa, 2/16/17 – “I came to Binder Chiropractic with severe neck pain and headaches. In the beginning of February I could not turn or twist my neck without causing extra pain, I also was not sleeping at night. After three treatments I can now turn and twist my neck without causing pain, my headaches are gone and I am sleeping through the night not waking up in pain. I have also noticed an increase in my energy level! Thank you Dr. Binder and staff for helping me!!”

Ivory Blackwell, 2/1/17 – “I was in an auto accident in December 2016, I began treatments at Binder Chiropractic at the end of December. I was suffering from severe headaches, neck, upper back and low back pain. I could not bend over without having sever pressure and pain in my head. I could not get up from a seated or lying down position without assistance and I could not sit for more that 20 minutes at a time. I have been receiving treatment for a month now and I am feeling much better. I can bend without pain, I can turn my neck with only very slight tightness from time to time. I am also able to sit for long periods of time without any pain or discomfort and I am able to get up from sitting or lying down on my own. I also suffer from Lupus and these adjustments have allowed me to stop taking my prescription of prednisone and limited the amounts of other prescriptions I am on. Binder Chiropractic has helped me out in many more ways than I expected and I look forward to getting on a maintenance program to maintain this quality of life they have given me back!”

 Mike Nofziger, 8/23/16 – “I started treatment with Binder Chiropractic in mid July 2016. I was experiencing pain and stiffness in my neck along with bad headaches. I could not focus at work due to the pain and I was constantly taking over the counter medication, sometimes the pain would wake me up at night. Thanks to the staff and Dr. Suber at Binder Chiropractic I have a new outlook on life! I am finally enjoying my life! I am now able to spend quality time with my Labrador retriever, Loki. Also sleeping through the night, waking up a little stiff in my neck which keeps getting better and better and I now have NO pain! Dr. Suber takes the time to listen to me and I will continue to refer my family, friends and co-works to Binder Chiropractic!”

  Keri, 8/17/16 – “I started seeing the doctors at Binder Chiropractic towards the end of May 2016. I was having severe pain in both of my hips, my neck and bad headaches. I couldn’t walk 1/4 mile without severe pain. I was seen two to three times a week throughout May, June and July. I have now become a monthly wellness patient thanks to the dedicated work of the doctors and staff to maintain my health and alignment of my spine. Last week I was able to walk over six miles WITHOUT any pain. I no longer have pain in my hips or neck and NO headaches and overall improved my quality of life! I can’t say enough great things about Binder Chiropractic, the staff is the BEST, very friendly, always work with me and fit my appointments in right away if needed. I love that both Dr. Binder and Dr. Suber take time to listen to me and not only see me but ask about my day! I have and will continue to refer all of my friends, family and co-workers to Binder Chiropractic!”

  Current Patient, 2/23/16 – “Binder Chiropractic’s services are Wonderful. The Doctor’s take the time to listen to you and do not treat you as a  number!”

“On December 25, 2011 I was the only survivor of head on collision. The speed my car took at impact was 125 miles per hour… After four years of treatments I was still having incredible pain and discomfort with my neck and head. I started treatments with Dr. Binder in January 2016 and can now drive long distances, sleep through the night and turn my head WITHOUT pain. I have also noticed I am more focused, have the availability to concentrate and enjoy reading again! When my grandson was born I almost could not hold him and now he is 17 months old and I can pick him up and play with him with NO pain at all! I will be 70 years old this May and will continue to drive 54 miles each way to see the doctors at Binder Chiropractic!!”

  Marsha Blake, 12/21/15 – “I started treatments with Dr. Suber in late October of 2015. At this time I was in a lot of pain in my neck, arms, low back and legs, (SI nerve) area. This pain would wake me up and keep me awake at night. I began treatments three times a week and currently once a month, December 2015. Right away I noticed the pain starting to go away and I was sitting up straighter. Prior to treatments I could not raise my right arm above my head, sit without bad pain in my back or get out of the seated position quickly or comfortably. I can now bend, sit, get up from a seated position and raise my arm well above my head WITHOUT any pain or discomfort. Thank you Dr. Suber and the Binder Chiropractic staff! I would highly recommend Binder Chiropractic to everyone!”

Anne Ellenburg – “Chiropractic visits were one of those things that I thought was a joke until I bent over one morning and could not get back up. That was 5 years ago. Now I go monthly to be adjusted. It has made a huge difference in how I feel every day. No more headaches! I am able to sleep restfully and I am not stiff in the mornings. I would recommend Dr. Binder to everyone who wants to improve their all around health.”