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Laser Testimonials

Danny, 1/19/17, – “I have had pain in my left shoulder for two years and with only mild relief from injections from time to time. I was not sleeping at night because of the pain and had very restricted motion and weakness in my internal rotation. I was down to what I thought was my last option of having my shoulder operated on, until I spoke with Dr. Binder. He suggested the Cold Laser treatments. I must admit I had my doubts about it at first but after 2 weeks I noticed a decrease in pain and I had more mobility. Things that had been tough for me to do without pain for the last 2 years were now becoming pain free. After six weeks of Laser treatments I feel the best that I have felt in quite a while. It is worth every penny and the chance to see what it can do for you!”

Mindi Shirk, 9/20/16, Google Review – I’ve been going to Binder Chiropractic for years and couldn’t ask for a better chiropractor, maintenance care and staff for my treatment. Recently started cold laser therapy for shoulder impingement and after 3 treatments so far, my range of motion has vastly improved and I look forward to continuing the treatment, feeling better and also continuing my monthly chiropractic maintenance, highly recommend this office!!!

Allison Parsons, 9/20/16, Google Review –  My wife has been going to Binder Chiropractic for years and I couldn’t be happier with her maintenance treatment and I’m very happy to see the cold laser therapy working for her shoulder impingement, highly recommend this treatment and office and this will be the office I see if I ever need treatment!!!

 Kat Ward, 8/15/16 “I have seen Dr. Steve Binder at Binder Chiropractic for my monthly adjustments for many years. I am in my 80’s and began to have severe pain in my right shoulder that had begun to keep me up all night, I couldn’t write, hold the newspaper, drive or work on my puzzles because the pain was so bad! I had my first Cold Laser Treatment on August 9th and instantly felt relief, went home and slept through the night for the first time in a long time. My shoulder keeps getting better and better as I had my second treatment today August 15th. There is NOBODY like Dr. Binder, he is so good at what he does and he takes the time to listen to everything I have to say! The staff at Binder Chiropractic is top notch, extremely nice and works with me on everything. Cold Laser treatments at Binder Chiropractic are very affordable and I highly recommend Binder Chiropractic to everyone!!”

 Candace Lusk to Binder Chiropractic P.A., October 18, 2015 – “This weekend has definitely been a lot of new experiences for me. Challenges that without some awesome friends would have never been possible. Ran my 1st and last half marathon under my goal time I had set for myself (10-17-2015). Then a 5k that night and a 5k this morning. There was a time I would have never given myself credit to accomplish any of those task let alone right at 19.5 miles in less than 24 hours time. Just goes to show with the right encouragement and friends anything is possible. Thanks to you all for this journey”

“This could not have been possible without the help of Binder Chiropractic. I attempted to run a half marathon last year but the pain in my back and knees took me out during training, I never ran over 9 miles. This year I was feeling the same thing may take me out again. I had 11 treatments of cold laser therapy in my knees and lower back. And I not only completed my first half marathon in 2 hours 16 mins on 10-17-2015 ( no knee or back pain ), I then that night ran a 5k and this morning 10-18-2016 I ran another morning 5k, ( almost 19.5 miles in less than 24 hours ) This treatment worked for me and for that I would like to thank Dr Binder and his staff for all they have done to help me accomplish this goal.”

 Ernie, 9/28/15 – “Before I came to Binder Chiropractic I could only lift my left arm up to my head by pushing it with my right arm. I had not slept through the night since my injury in 2008. In July 2015 I started treatments with Binder Chiropractic using the Cold Laser Therapy. After my first 10 minute treatment I noticed a difference – RELIEF! I continued 9 treatments throughout July and August and with each treatment I had less and less pain and could begin to add daily activities back into my schedule without pain. Since August I have had two treatments a month and can raise my left arm above my head without help and with NO pain. I also sleep through the night and even on my left side without waking up or having pain! I have completed projects around my house I was unable to complete due to left arm and shoulder pain, like painting and building projects!”

 Betty – “The cold laser therapy has helped my shoulder greatly. It’s amazing how much it has improved in one week. I would recommend the treatment highly!”

 Sherry, 8/31/16 – “My first visit to Binder Chiropractic was in January 2015 for orthotics and low back pain. I have driven trucks for a living for over 28 years and after sitting all day I could barely move as I was experiencing severe low back pain. I have been through several truck accidents with one major accident with impact speed of 70+ mph. I have been on an active wellness treatment plan, every two weeks  for over a year, still driving trucks everyday but now ending my day with minor aches! From the accident I have a separated shoulder which I have now had 5 Cold Laser Treatments on.  Before these treatments I could not move my arm very much at all without pain and now I can almost lift my arms above my head! The staff and doctors here are very nice and I recommend Binder Chiropractic!”