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Back-To-School, August 19, 2016


As the kiddos head back to school and we get back in our routines be sure to take a look at your child’s posture. Make sure you are purchasing the correct backpacks so they can avoid the back-to-school backpains!!

Below are a few things to do to help avoid your child’s neck and back pains…

  1. Be sure to limit the backpack’s weight. Should be no more than 5 to 10 percent of the child’s body weight. A backpack too heavy will cause your child to bend slightly forward placing the weight on the spine instead of the shoulders.
  2. Be sure their backpack is not hanging any more than four inches below the waistline. If the backpack hangs too low it will increase the weight on their shoulders and cause them to lean forward when walking placing strain on their neck and spine.
  3. MUST USE BOTH STRAPS!! Using only using one strap will cause a shift in their weight to one side, which will lead to neck and muscle spasms as well as low back pain.
  4. Almost every child out there has access to texting from a cell phone or tablet. To avoid strain on their necks encourage them to bring their device up in front of their eyes so they are not looking down, tucking in their chin rather than dropping the head forward. Limit screen time and make sure they are taking breaks. Children need to balance screen time with regular physical activities.

The doctors at Binder Chiropractic are always here to help you. An adjustment once a month can not only help your child avoid these back-to-school pains but also help with concentration, headaches, allergies, athletic performance, overall wellness and much, much more! Call us today to schedule your child’s check-up and be sure to help spread the word along to your friends and family! NO child should be in pain caused by their backpack.


Binder Chiropractic would like to wish Dr. Suber a Happy 4th Anniversary!
Thank you for everything you do for Binder Chiropractic and our patients!

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